Faith Head Shot 2014Great News!  I’m super excited to announce that Joyful Toddlers will be coming in book form!  Many thanks to the team at Hohm Press who were “beyond excited” to pick up my book proposal.  I’m glad to be working with them and I’m sitting down each day to pound out the manuscript over the summer.  Editing will start in the fall, and the book itself should appear autumn 2017.

Will the book be different from the blog?  YES!  I’m delving deep into my Tele-Class materials, the work I did for my dissertation at Roehampton University, and my years of experience working with children, parents, and childcare providers.  I’m bringing it all together into a cohesive message paired with lots of practical tips and tricks.

The big idea is that we are working to create a mutually responsive relationship with our children, not just for their toddler years, but for the rest of our lives.  It looks at how to support children as they learn to say “yes” to us (and what they can do when they can’t say “yes”), and it looks at how we can be responsive to our children’s deep-seated needs, rather than reacting to their whims (and what to do when we can’t say “yes” to them, too).

I will be sending out little tidbits as I work, and MAY be looking for some test-readers, so keep your eyes on my blog!

Talk to you again soon,    ~Faith

  1. I’m a ready, willing, and eager test-reader when the times comes!

  2. Same here, Faith! LOVED the tele- class, so super helpful. Congrats on the book deal! How exciting for you!!

  3. Many congratulations! Your teleclass really helped change things in our home. <3

  4. Happy test reader here too! I have found your materials IMMENSELY helpful.

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