Website Photos 017The last Tele-Class has just ended and it was powerful!  Here’s what one participant shared in her feedback: “Thank you so much for this wonderful class! The truth is I couldn’t really afford the course, but something told me this might be just what was needed to get me out of a sort of negative rut with my toddler. I was becoming so frustrated with her challenging behavior that I questioned my parenting ability daily! I can honestly report that the class did not disappoint, and was worth every penny. Your valuable experience, suggestions, ideas, and enthusiasm truly helped me to remember how joyful life with a toddler really is. Thank you.”  I loved being a part of each person’s journey and seeing real change in many people’s households.

I’ve set the dates for the next class, it will start January 25th, and will run on Sundays through March 8th (no class on Feb. 22nd; I’ll be teaching a workshop in Utah that weekend).   Learn to  transform “no” into “yes,” get your housework done while your child helps or plays happily, and help your child interact graciously with other kids and siblings.  Get six weeks of personal support from me, and from the other participants as well.  One mom shared, “I really had a wonderful time. The course was informative and, more surprisingly, extremely supportive. It not only taught me wonderful strategies for caring for my toddler but also left me with a wonderful feeling of connectedness to the other mothers.”

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I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Warmly,    ~Miss Faith

P.S.  In this last class we had participants in the U.S., Canada, Spain, Switzerland and Israel.

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