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Play & Activities

A Note from Faith: Rather than giving children 70% of your attention all the time, try alternating periods of “direct attention” (100% of your focus) with being “physically-busy-but-emotionally-available” (20-30% of your focus). This will allow your child to dive deeply into their own independent play, coming to check in with you. When check-ins turn to…

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Harmonious Home Life

A Note from Faith: We all long to enjoy our time with our children, and can feel deep guilt when we find ourselves counting down the time till our child will be asleep. I’m a parent too; I know this! The posts in this category will help you support your child in learning to be…

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Discipline & Connecting

A Note from Faith: The research on parenting outcomes is really clear: children do best when the adults in their lives have high levels of warmth, PAIRED WITH high expectations. However, it’s really hard to maintain high warmth when we’re setting boundaries! Read some of the posts below to give you ideas on how to…

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Welcome to my website

I’m so glad you found Joyful Toddlers!; please look around. I believe that children—just like the rest of us—long to live a life in which they feel connected, feel competent, and are able to contribute to something greater than themselves.

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